Why choose a Accord Access?

Applying is as easy as 1-2-3!

Find out More...Easy Application Process with Fast Credit Decisions made by real, experienced businesspeople and not simply computer algorithms. Talk with a credit officer with the ability to approve your credit if your needs or situation requires additional explanation.

We know that many small businesses do't have the same level of financial information readily at hand as larger companies do, so we've streamlined our application process to accomodate this. TO APPLY:

• Click on "Apply Now" and fill out the online web form;

• You'll receive a secure email back where you can provide additional information

• Provide us with 3 months bank statements or, if you have financial statements prepared by your accountant that are less than 6 months old, send those to us

That's IT! We'll call you to confirm your identity before processing your application. Then we'll use the information you gave us to process your application.

As an alternative, you can fax us your completed application and 3 months bank statements or financial statements...whichever is easier for you. Your method of application does not affect the timing in which you can expect a decision back on your request.

Shortly after receiving your application, you'll receive notification as to your application status, whether it's approved, whether something concerned us and we'd like more information to proceed, or whether your application was unfortunately declined.


We advise any clients considering applying to do so sooner than later. In some cases, if you wait until your business is facing overwhelming challenges, it may be too late for us to be able to consider your request.