Why choose a Accord Access?

Borrow from A Canadian company experienced in credit granting to small and medium sized businesses with an impeccable reputation. Listed on the TSX and in business nearly 40 years with offices in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.

Accord Financial is one of Canada's leading independent finance companies. For nearly 40 years we've been providing solutions to Canadian businesses to help them growth and manage through challenging times.

Unlike some other small business loan providers that have recently emerged, Accord has been there for Canadian businesses, large and small, for decades. AccordAccess is our latest product, designed to serve smaller businesses. We think it's important that you know who you're doing business with, that we ourselves are financially stable, have funds available, and that we have additional products to help you as you grow so that you're not just taking a small business loan...you're building a valuable business relationship.

Because we manage and fund our own loan portfolios, whereas other companies bundle up loans and sell them off to 3rd parties, we have an uprecedented level of flexibilty to come up with creative solutions to help our clients.

AccordAccess is delivered through our small business finance division headquartered out of Vancouver BC. Our small business division focuses on short term working capital products and equipment lease financing. Through this division we've dealt extensively with all types of small business people and understand your needs and challenges. Industries we've worked extensively with include everything from the hospitality and retail sectors, through to independent owner/operators in transportation, construction, and forestry industries, through to independent businesspeople in the professions. Whether you wear a blue collar or a white collar...chances are we know your industry, and we can help.

We invite you to read more about our parent company. Follow the link to www.accordfinancial.com to read our public company filings, learn about our executive management and board of directors, and find out for yourself why our corporate motto is Distrinctive, Dependable, and Driven.