Qualified Businesses

AccordAccess can be advantageous to clients in a wide variety of businesses. We finance a broad range of industries in Canada, from the service trades to manufacturing, and retail, wholesale and import/export. We're equally comfortable working with those in the construction industry and those that support our natural resource industries.

We work with all business structures, ranging from incorporated businesses, partnerships, through to sole proprietorships. In the case of sole proprietorships, we do advise all business owners to have a "business-only" bank account to separate your personal expenditures from those of your business.

The following provides only a partial, but indicative, list of the types of industries we do and don't serve. If your business type or industry isn't listed here, please feel free to email us at sales@accordaccess.com or simply go ahead and apply.

Examples - Businesses Served by AccordAccess

Examples - Businesses Excluded from AccordAccess

Auto repair/autobody/custom auto & motorcycle shops and related Farms including custom farming
Professional practices - medical, dentistry, chiropractic and more Adult entertainment industry
Hotels and motels Drug paraphernalia and dispensaries
Transportation, hauling, delivery services Part time businesses
Coffee shops including franchised and non-franchised operators Guns/ammunition sales or manufacturing
Computer sales and maintenance Bank and non-bank financial companies (eg. payday loan companies, pawn shops, money exchanges)
Pool and yard maintenance, landscaping Collection agencies
Blinds, painting, decorating, draperies Any business selling or operating as a "business opportunity"
Construction contractors - all types Consultants
Heavy equipment operators - all types Real estate agents or real estate agencies
Metal shop/manufacturing, welders Independent sales agents
Janitorial contractors Internet only businesses
HVAC contractors Any other business where at the discretion of Accord there is moral and/or ethical risk, or where we believe there is an above average risk of non-predictable income
Oilfield support service contractors Businesses not resident in Canada
Craft breweries  
Food processors & manufacturers  
Retail stores  

Example Uses for AccordAccess by Industry

Forestry Industry

operators requiring funds to resume operations after going through the summer closure/fire season;

Craft Breweries

funds for raw material and packaging inventories, as well as small equipment purchases;

Food Processors

funds for raw material and packaging inventories, as well as small equipment purchases;

Construction Contractors

catch up on accounts payable, finance accounts receivable, equipment repairs, and costs related to work in process;


ordering additional inventory and funds to complete unusually large client orders;

Retail Stores

finance additional inventory purchases in preparation for peak seasons;


finance major or minor repairs and costs of putting new trucks on the road;


finance advertising and promotion programs, purchase small pieces of equipment, minor revovations, manage through slow periods of the year, pay off and break free of merchant cash advance financing;

Hotels and Motels

complete deferred maintenance, finance equipment purchases, minor renovations, furniture replacement, general sales and marketing activities;

Metal Shop Manufacturing

initiate sales and marketing program as well as fund payroll and overhead expenses while completing a large order.