Our Commitment to Canadian Small Business

AccordAccess is brought to you by Accord's dedicated small business lending and equipment finance division (AEF). AEF stands for Accord Equipment Finance - we earned our stripes financing equipment for Canada's most dynamic industries from Coast to Coast.

The AEF team has provided flexible financing to Canadian companies for more than a decade. Our equipment finance programs (see "Inventory and Equipment Loans") focus on what we call the "near-prime" market, serving businesses that are overlooked or under-served by the large financial institutions. This is where we excel, where we can leverage our passion and experience to fully understand a client's situation and find a creative solution to help them grow.

We approach our business with the same commitment and entrepreneurial spirit that you bring to yours. Whether your are an owner/operator or an emerging company with a few dozen employees and a million or more in annual revenue, we are in your corner. Our goal is to provide quick capital that unlocks your opportunities to generate revenue and drive growth. Put the incredible power, financial strength and vast resources of Accord to work for you.