Inventory Financing

The AccordOctet Advantage

Join over 1,200 other companies using AccordOctet, one of the most unique inventory finance programs available anywhere. Our clients have access to up to $1,000,000 in extra purchasing power to stock up and grow your business. And it's only available from Accord - once again proving how we're Distinctive, Dependable, and Driven.

The exclusive AccordOctet online portal connects you, your suppliers and Accord, enabling a seamless flow of documentation and funds. The program finances quick payment to suppliers, allowing you to strengthen your relationships and negotiate better pricing. And you then have up to 120 days to settle your purchases.

With inventory finance from AccordOctet you can:
• seize opportunities to strengthen your competitive position;
• take advantage of supplier discounts;
• unlock working capital tied up in inventory, allowing you to manage your payables to maximum advantage;
• build growth momentum by capitalizing on new or large orders;
• win supplier loyalty by paying on time every time.

Complements Your Existing Bank Financing

AccordOctet is structured so that it can be used to complement your existing banking relationship, providing your business with the ideal inventory finance facility to fuel your growth, take advantage of opportunities, finance unusually large orders, and optimize your cash flow cycle.

How AccordOctet Works

Approved clients are offered an interest-free, unsecured line of credit to use in paying suppliers. The program is backed by a state-of-the-art portal, connecting you, your suppliers and Accord, enabling a seamless flow of documentation and funds. You can review and authorize transactions online, and once you approve, Accord pays your suppliers within twenty-four hours.

You then have up to 60 days interest-free to repay Accord, with the option to defer 75% of the balance for an additional 60 days. The program carries only a modest transaction fee, similar to a credit card merchant fee, which can often be negotiated with the supplier.

With AccordOctet, there are no hassles, no delays, and no letters of credit. Your suppliers will appreciate quick payment and peace of mind. And you will enjoy more power to trade.

How to Qualify

If your business fits the profile below, we welcome your application:
• in business for two or more years
• have complete and current financial statements
• must be profitable (usually on an EBITDA basis)
• must have tangible net worth (assets worth more than total debts)
• must be current on all tax and loan payments
• annual sales of $2 million to $50 million (but we'll make exceptions)

We will make exceptions in some circumstances if your business is tracking towards meeting these criteria within the next year.

To learn more:

We do our best to make inventory financing simple. The best way to start is to call us or send us an email describing your business and financing needs and we'll call you right back.

Credit Officer Contacts:

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General Manager
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Director of Operations
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