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Accord Equipment Finance

The Perfect Partner to Complement your AccordAccess Financing

Accord's equipment finance division, founded in 2005, is a leader in providing lease and loan financing to help entrepreneurs start, grow, and expand their businesses. We're experienced in providing financing up to $250,000 for almost any type of equipment in a broad range of industries, from restaurant, retail and hospitality, transportation and construction, manufacturing and more. Because we don't "sell" or "syndicate" our leases, we have the flexibility to structure deals that fall both inside and outside of the credit requirements of most other leasing companies. This continues Accords dedication to being Distinctive, Dependable, and Driven.

Leverage Your Good Payment History with AccordAccess

At Accord, you deal with real people, and real decision makers, which means your history with us and our relationship counts - a lot. We value the opportunity to build our relationship, and the opportunity to be your partner for growth. As our financing relationship progresses, so does your credit profile with us, which means that when your needs grow and evolve, we will be there to help. The Accord suite of products includes equipment and inventory finance, trade finance, accounts receivable finance and asset-based lending for larger companies.

The Accord Financial Difference

We specialize in companies and opportunities that don't conform to the strict requirements of banks and other major lenders. Accord responds to your needs; we treat each application as a business opportunity and take the time to understand your business and capital needs. And unlike with the banks and credit unions, you can speak directly to our decision makers. In a market dominated by large institutional lenders, Accord provides the ultimate level of accessibility. If you wish to schedule a meeting with our credit team, email us at

Transaction Types

We can accommodate almost all asset types and structure the transaction to meet your needs, including:

• Equipment leases or loans - including structured leases, with payments scheduled to coincide with your peak business periods to help you manage your cash flow
• Sale-leaseback transactions - unlock working capital from equipment you already own
• New or used equipment - Accord is uniquely flexible in offering financing for either new or used equipment - if you can find suitable used equipment in good condition that better suits your budget and operations, we can provide the financing you require

Credit Officer Contacts:

James Jang

General Manager
604-982-3006 or email at

Darcy Kindred

Director of Operations
604-982-3021 or email at