AccordAccess For Professionals

Access to Capital Has Never Been Easier for People in the Professions

The AccordAccess Professional Advantage

AccordAccess is a flexible working capital solution for qualified small- and medium-sized businesses providing professional services. Our aim is to help you take advantage of growth opportunities or manage through challenging times, finance client receivables, and more. AccordAccess is an ideal supplement to long-term financing, like bank credit, lease finance and of course your own investment.


At AccordAccess we recognize the hard work and dedication it takes to become a practitioner in the professions. We believe those efforts speak volumes about your character and the importance of your successful practice to you.

AccordAccess for Professionals...even easier to apply for than our already easy to apply for small business loan program.

Given this, we're pleased to introduce our "APPLICATION ONLY" programs for select professionals. This means you can apply simply by filling out our online application form (or our paper one you can download and email or fax to us, based on your preference). No financial information, such as financial statements or bank statements, is required (up to certain credit limits).

Program Features - Application Only Program

Maximum loan Medical doctors, dentists, veterinarians $50,000
  Optometrists, Denturists, Lawyers, Notary Public, Accountants, $25,000
  Architects $35,000
  In all cases you must have been a member in good standing in your professions association for 3 or more years.  
  Loans of up to $75,000 available with provision of financial information.  
  Loans of up to $100,000 available with additional security provided.  
Term flexible terms up to 18 months  
Repayment simple fixed weekly repayments - weekly account debit (Wednesdays) of principal & interest from your primary business operating account.  

The Ideal Solution

AccordAccess is an ideal solution to a variety of business challenges, including:

• Solving the timing difference between paying suppliers and collecting from customers
• Financing an unusually large project, file, or order
• Managing cash-flows through seasonal cycles or insurance billing cycles
• Financing small fixtures or equipment, office renovations, etc.
• Bridging through challenging events, like an unexpected slowdown or an unplanned one-time expense
• Improving overall working capital position

AccordAccess is perfect for situations when the advantage of investing in the business outweighs the short-term cost of borrowing.

How Fast is AccordAccess Professional?

We aim to provide the highest levels of service in our industry. Following receipt of all of your application information, you can expect to hear back from us within 8 business hours with the result of your application.

If approved, and you advise you wish to proceed, we'll send you your loan documentation right away. The entire process moves quickly, and in many cases we are able to fund the next business day - direct into your bank account.

Do You Qualify?

AccordAccess Professional is designed for stable or growing professional practices with the ability to manage short-term unsecured debt.

• Have you been practicing for three or more years?
• Is your practice stable and/or growing?
• Do you have regular deposits into your practice bank account?
• Do you have an average or better credit profile?

If you meet these initial criteria, we welcome your application. We aim to answer all applications within eight (business) hours of receiving your application.

Early Repayment and Re-Advance Provisions

If your practice cash flows allow you to repay your loan early - no problem! You can repay at any time, subject to a three month interest penalty.

If you can continue to use your credit available under AccordAccess to grow your business, you can apply to re-advance up to your previous credit limit (or apply to increase your limit) once 50% of your original loan term is completed (your new AccordAccess loan will pay out your old one, with the balance re-advanced as a new loan).

Deal With Real People

We believe there's more to lending than impressing a computer algorithm, so we take the time to review each application with a personal touch. Our process gives us the flexibility to consider situations that numbers alone cannot fully explain.

Pricing Structure

We aim to be the most transparent business lender in Canada - there are no fees other than the lender fee and interest rate clearly outlined in the loan agreement. And unlike your bank and other lenders, we won't ask for your home, car, equipment or your credit card receipts as collateral - your good character is enough. Our pricing takes this, and the very short term, into account.

Our aim is to offer rates comparable to a corporate credit card. Speak to your representative about the details.

How to Apply

Follow the Apply Now link on our homepage. Applying is as easy as 1-2-3!

There are two easy ways to apply:

By Email or Fax
Download and Print the AccordAccess Professional Application Form
Complete the application form
Email the information to or fax it to 1-888-835-9757.
Fill Out our Online or Mobile Applications
Complete the online application form and submit
We will contact you to acknowledge receipt of your application and to confirm your identity
Upon receipt of your information, we'll get back to you within 8 business hours with the results of your application.

Interested but in a different profession? Message one of our credit officers today at and let us consider your request!